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What is roomoo?

So what is roomoo?

Created by young people roomoo is an online platform that can help you to find work, training opportunities and advice.
A one-of-a-kind website, roomoo offers an easy way to build your own personalised portfolio with photos, videos and links to showcase skills and achievements to potential employers and bring your CV to life.
As well as this, you can create and print professional CVs and explore hundreds of websites to discover advice, events and opportunities - all in one place!
Employers can register on roomoo via the "Employers" section to seek out the right candidate for your vacancy.

Tell us about roomoo:

Gary age 21- roomoo is a new and easy to use website for creating CV's and Personal Profiles for people aged 16 - 24. Although people outside this age can use roomoo for many other services such as Housing Information and helpful financial advice. roomoo has made job searching more easier and fun for me because it allows me to upload pictures I have taken of my certificates and achievements making it easier for employers to see my skills.

Brian age 52 - Me & my group were shown the website and all it's features, which was extremely useful. We were shown how to make our CV's better and how to bring them to life. We can now all add photos and videos of our achievements to our CV's which is going to be a massive help gaining employment. I would really recommend Roomoo to anyone, it's a fantastic service.


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