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Personal Statement

I am a punctual and independent individual who strives for the satisfaction of others. Although I may be sufficient to work independently, I am undoubtedly apt at functioning as part of a team.

In conjunction to this, I am well experienced at coping under pressure due to my regular attendance to the Royal Air Force Cadets, during which I have been bestowed a position of power. Consequently, I have been trusted with the welfare of individuals as well as additional military duties.

Throughout my duties I am still able to be charismatic and bubbly while also remaining assertive and confident. As a result of this, I have become a good negotiator and gained the invaluable ability to remain calm in any given situation.

Education & Training


  • GCSE - B English Literature - 25th August 2015
  • GCSE - B English Language - 25th August 2016
  • GCSE - A Mathematics - 25th August 2016
  • GCSE - B Biology - 25th August 2016
  • GCSE - B Physics - 25th August 2016
  • GCSE - B Chemistry - 25th August 2016
  • GCSE - C History - 25th August 2016
  • GCSE - B Spanish - 25th August 2016
  • GCSE - A Statistics - 25th August 2016


  • St John's Ambulance First Aid - 28th May 2015
  • Heartstart - 28th May 2013
  • Sports Leaders - 26th July 2018
  • Health and Safety - 13th February 2018

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